ChemDP an Introduction

Chemical Database of Pakistan (ChemDP) is comprised of ~1018 ready to dock chemical compounds from natural sources. It contained information of about 100 columns for every chemical compound. Interactive user interface provides user with ease of access to a broad category of information as well as optimized 2D and 3D molecules to use for drug designing.Figure shows the contents of first page of the ChemDP. Every content is described further number wise to elaborate the whole structure of ChemDP.

  1. It is the logo of ChemDP, explaining the nature of the database
  2. It is the Header of ChemDP. Header contains the Chemical compound image and graphics relevant to the logic of database. At the left side of the header, logo of ChemDP is placed. It is the registered logo copyrighted by ChemD.
  3. List of tabs shows that the following actions are available to perform by clicking them. Action of these tabs would be described in detail in next paragraphs.
  4. These are the widgets to socialize the ChemDP through Facebook, Twitter and Google plus
  5. It is the user login/register section. It allows users to login and register to access the functionality of database.
  6. This sleek bar declares the authority of the contents of ChemDP.
  7. This part of the database provides facility to access required chemical compounds and information regarding these chemical structures.
  8. News and update session will keep the user update about new happening in the world of chemical compounds.
  9. This section is allocated to advertise purposes. If a user is interested to advertise something in ChemDP, he/she is allowed to request ChemDP administration for a response with some conditions applied.
ChemDP is a structure, developed by linking many activities on one place to facilitate users. There are different tabs that can be accessed from every page of the database. Each tab is described further with snapshot preview in next paragraphs.

Search in ChemDP

Search in ChemDP can be made with allowed queries, which could be a molecular formulae, systematic name, common name, plant name, country name, disease title or biological activity. Examples are also given with them.
some_text By clicking search or enter, a page will appear comprising ChemDP-ID, Common Name and Molecular Formulae. Selecting Molecular Formulae or Common Name will lead to the page covering all information about query. ChemDP ID, 2D and 3D structures with interactive Jmol plugin. Mol and mol2 files can also be downloaded from the same page. By expanding the boxes, it shows extra information like properties of that compound and source of that compound. Assays tab includes the IC50, Ki and % inhibition of assays applied on that compound. References include the reference to the source from where whole the data of that compound is taken.


About Tab in CHemDP:

From the About menu tab, one can get information about ChemDP, latest projects and team members of ChemDP.


Classes of Natural Products Tab in ChemDP:

It has the alphabetic search options to search for a required class of natural product, further selection could leads to the compounds of those classes and from Common Name and Molecular Formulae next one can search for information about every member of that class. Go back tab can be used to get back to the alphabetic search.

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Contact Tab in CHemDP:

One can contact to team for any kind off assistance and help by going to the Contact tab, and filling the form given.


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one have to be registered and login to use all interactive session of ChemDP.