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This online chemical editor (or molecule editor) allows you to draw chemical structures from a web browser and store generated images on our server. Feel free to use these images for chemical sites, blogs or forums as long as you reference the molecular edior webpage.

ChemDP is a natural product-based chemical database from the biodiversity of Pakistan. This fully-referenced database has been specifically developed for structure-based computer-aided drug discovery purposes, and provides over 1000 ready-to-dock chemical structures of natural products as well as their derivatives. All of these structures have been optimized at PM7 semi-empirical Quantum Mechanical level of theory.

Search in ChemDP


Search can be made through
1. Molecular formulae  eg.C10H7NO2
2. Systematic/Chemical name  eg.[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]isoquinoline
3. Common name  eg.papraline
4. Plant name  eg.Fumaria indica
5. Country name  eg.Pakistan
6. Disease title or Biological activity  eg.dyspepsia

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